OzMassager...  your portable massager
Instant Bio-Pack... instant heat anytime
Emu Oil... all natural pain relief products


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The Australian designed OzMassager TENS Portable Massager is an easy to use device that is the size of a slim MP3 player and slips easily in your pocket.

The OzMassager TENS imitates the sensations of a real massage by using electric pulses. It is a non-invasive and a drug free relief. Settings are designed to be similar to various remedial techniques used during massage.

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Reusable Heat / Cold Packs

The Instant Bio-Pack portable heat packs can give you instant heat in any situation with a click of a button and it's reusable!

Heat therapy has been shown to be excellent for providing pain relief for strains, cramps, pulled muscles, lower back pain, neck pain and many other ailments that affect an individual's quality of life.

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Emu oil has quite potent anti-inflammatory properties that occur naturally in it.

This is what helps relieve the symptoms of arthritis and other muscle aches and joint pain. Emu oil also penetrates the skin, so it quickly gets to the affected area quickly.

Do you suffer from Arthritis, Eczema, Psoriasis or Muscle Aches and Pain ? Have you tried Emu Oil?

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